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Monday, March 16, 2015

Vintage Coffee: 1952 Design

I call it my coffee dress, or sometimes my white rabbit dress because I wore an Alice in Wonderland watch necklace and my scarf looks like bunny ears. Either way, this dress was my first original design, a little day dress based off of early 1950s styles. It's made of a simple, lightweight printed cotton and features a pleated skirt, a two part bodice with slightly gathered cups, and a row of antique brass buttons running down the front.

I love this dress. Not only was it simple to make, its flexible to wear. I can just as easily wear it on a lunch date as to an interview. Or in this case-waiting for my lover at the train station. I was lucky to have a wonderful photographer to do this photoshoot with me. Jae Yi is amazing. He not only is a great photographer, he encourages me to get my designs out there and accept commissions for them, and he understands that when I do photos, I'm not just taking pictures of a dress-I want to capture a character. So when I sent him pictures of it, he immediately suggested the train station on 5th St. here in Richmond. It's a beautiful, historical building downtown that still runs , and being inside immediately sucks you back into an earlier era. He's a true gem. I encourage everyone  to check out his website, and if you're in his area and need anything at all (family photoshoot, wedding, band gig, school portrait) don't hesitate to call him.

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